I am another you

The story

Inlakesh is a fictionalised documentary made in Mexico and Guatemala, presenting a completely different perception of Time.

A typical Gringo (a white man among Indians), wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase (Pasikonik) arrives in the land of the Mayas and travels through cities, mountains, and jungles. He talks to shamans, regular people, and powerful teachers, whose lives and knowledge point the way for the mankind in the New Age, which according to the Mayas (and other ancient cultures) we, the mankind, entered on December 21, 2012. The Gringo visits communities living in peace, harmony, in accord with nature, showing us an alternative and very progressive way of life. The protagonist also meets one of the most important representatives of the Maya elders in Guatemala and finds out about the principles of their famous calendar.

A moving, profound message inspires pondering on one's soul and calls for respecting Mother Earth. The revelations on the fourth dimension of Time and the meaning of the new cycle of the Maya Calendar are mixed with a funny plot, indigenous music recorded live and insights into Maya ceremonies that are not open to the public.


This movie has got blessing and spiritual endorsement from famous Shuni Giron.

Nan Shuni Giron is a Mayan Day Keeper and Spiritual Guide. She held the honored title of Official Spiritual Guardian of the Sacred Popol Vuh book of Maya




Damian Czajka


Levi & Carpintero

Juanita & Filip Ziółkowski



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Misha Pasikonik

Director, photography, film editing, screenplay. Spent eighteen months in Mexico and Guatemala, studying and collecting materials on the Maya culture and calendar. Editing the film took him another 10 months. For more on Pasikonik, seebelow.


Associate director, photography. A traveller, constructor of unique natural structures, djembe player, and an enthusiast of life. Pasikonik's cousin. The camera operator for at least half of the interviews in the film.


Associate director (Germany). A provoker of situations, philosopher.


photography (Russia). A Russian TV journalist, camera operator and director. Was working on a documentary about the Zapatista movement in Mexico. Participated in some of the shots from the feature part of “Inlakesh” .


The video can be found on the Rumble platform at this link: THE MOVIE INLAKESH

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Account information:
Michał Szymczak

DVD to be released right after the premiere!

To purchase the film on DVD, go to one of the screenings events or place a mail order.

The DVD will also feature the “deleted scenes”, containing recordings not included in the original film.


Michal Szymczak, Grasshoper (Polish: Pasikonik), is the wanderer with a camera in his hand, who has enduringly been living on the road for 14 years. Having rambled with his backpack and tent through about 50 countries makes him truly the master of hitchhiking. Living in 16 of these countries gave him a chance to take hold of various professions. Although he feels that the entire planet is his home, it is Latin America where he is most likely to be found.

Mystic, nomad and mentor. Besides studying shamanism and Maya Calendar, he also works with the Native American Medicine and is an adept at the school of Universal Energy. As a specialist in documentaries and grotesque, he creates independent and unusual cinematography. Moreover, he is the founder of Pasikonism *Grasshoppism*, as well as he writes articles and a blog . His main intention is raising people's consciousness and protecting Mother Earth.


“Buffer Zone”, a film co-authored by Pasikonik, shows a pacifist campaign in the buffer zone in Cyprus, and was entered in the book of anti-war films in Italy. – the trailer — the entire film

Season for lions

The previous work – “Season for Lions” – achieved huge popularity in Poland. This hilarious mockumentary from a hitchhiking trip through South America won the hearts of thousands of people, with over 60 special screenings throughout Poland. – the trailer – the entire film – fanpage of the film


When filming in Guatemala, all of Pasikonik's equipment was stolen – the camera, lenses, sound recorder, microphones, memory cards, cables. He entered a crowdfunding competition at where he raised 6061 Polish zlotys to finish his film. The link below is another trailer for “Inlakesh”, created for the needs of the “Can-do Poles” crowdfunding portal. – Crowdfunding website